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I know I know it has been way too long.

I ask you, why don’t guide dogs get to go out for halloween and get lots and lots and lots of dog treats? It would be so much fun. But no we don’t get to do it. Boo boo boo hoo and it is raining too.


Sprained my foot! Kim has replaced me with a white stick!

The other day, I sprained my foot. I had to go to the vet and they poked it and moved it and I was good but did not like it. The good parts of this injury are: I get lunch now to have my anti-inflamatory pills, I get yummy chewable anti-inflamatory pills which taste delicious, I get lots of pats. On the bad side, I am not allowed to work and I love to work! Kim went out without me a few times with that awful white cane! The good thing is that when she got back, she said she hated using the cane and I was much nicer and smarter and better!

I was just trying to be helpful.

We spent a beautiful few hours at the cottage yesterday. It is the cottage Kim grew up at and her mom still has. I love that because I can lie in the sun on the deck or in the grass and when I get hot, I can move to the shade. Well, they were cleaning up some branches that had fallen. They picked one up and through it into the forest. So I went and brought it back. Just trying to be helpful. They thought I was cute and funny. But I was helping with the yard wasn’t I? I mean they threw a stick so what should any good retreiver do but fetch it right?

Would someone come and get me and take me on a warm vacation?

It is snowing and raining and wet and there are big puddles and I hate it! We are working from home today and I am glad. I am curled up at Kim’s feet but my little black lab self got soaked and covered in snow and Kim mumbled something about doggy boots. Can someone help a poor guide doggy?

No no no snow please!

The weather people say we shall have snow tomorrow and ice and rain. I said Kim do we have to work outside tomorrow and she said no! Thank goodness. We’ve had a busy week and more work for me today but I thought winter was over! Please please please Kim, don’t take out the doggy boots again!

Loud barking in my sleep.

I never bark when I am awake. Kim has never heard me do it. But yesterday in the day time and again last night I was barking so loud. Yesterday she was in her office two floors above where I was sleeping in the sun and she could hear me barking in my sleep. Last night it was loud too and I ran my paws. She wonders what I dream about but I shall never tell?

Am I sick? Kim says I have a fever!

I don’t feel sick. I feel happy and bouncy and full of life but Kim told everyone on facebook and twitter that I am sick! Why did she do that? Am I sick? She says I have spring fever. Does that mean I get more food? Or new toys? Or what? people are strange sometimes! I am sure glad no more doggy boots for me for a long long time!